Since 2012 I have worked as a Policy Adviser to two Greens MPs in the New South Wales Upper House, first as a part-time staffer for Jeremy Buckingham, and since December 2012 for Jan Barham, the Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services, Housing, Aboriginal Affairs, Ageing, Disability Services, Tourism, the Arts, the North Coast and Community Resilience.

I am a member of The Greens and Convenor of the Central West Greens, a group that covers the area west of the Blue Mountains and includes the regional cities of Bathurst and Orange.

I have published commentary on politics and media across a number of sites, writing as Tobias (Tobby) Ziegler. You can find most of my earlier work at Crikey’s Pure Poison, The Blair/Bolt Watch Project, and Not a Hedgehog. I have also published opinion articles bridging my interests in politics, law and psychology under my real name. Aside from the sites I have just listed, you will find links to my other writing and to my social media presence on this site.