Switching a WordPress server to HTTPS and HTTP/2

As part of modernising my WordPress-hosting virtual private server, I’ve switched to modern web protocols that deliver security and performance. Here’s a brief rundown of what I did and why I did it.

Clearing out the cobwebs: Upgrading my web server and WordPress sites

I’ve just spent some time updating the web server this site runs on. Here’s a rundown of the steps I went through.

Got a Mac

A basic run-down of the software I’ve installed on my Mac to be able to write, crunch numbers, make some things for the web and do whatever else I feel like doing.


So it appears I haven’t written a post for a while. Here’s an update.

A couple of new things in print

A couple of bits of writing have appeared in print recently; one journal article looking at linguistic cues to deception, as well as a bit of commentary about water and the Murray-Darling Basin.

Why I signed an open letter to silence Monckton

Why did a psychology lecturer with a commitment to academic freedom sign an open letter attempting to have a lecture by Lord Monckton cancelled? My article in the latest issue of the King’s Tribune explains why I don’t think freedom of enquiry has to include granting Monckton the freedom to do what he does.

The NSW filibuster

Back in early June, the NSW government acted to quickly implement a law that would restrict the Industrial Relations Commission’s discretion and effectively cap public sector wages. The Opposition and Greens filibustered the bill, leading to unprecedented lengthy speeches followed by a guillotining of debate that hadn’t been seen in more than a century. I wrote about it for Crikey.

Deception judgments and expectancies about nonverbal behaviour

Our forthcoming paper in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology presents an experiment that relates to the issue of cross-cultural bias in deception judgments, and whether informing people about the differences in nonverbal behaviour across cultures might help to reduce this bias.

Abbott’s budget reply supports avoiding waste, opposes cutting inefficient spending

In his 2011 budget reply speech, Tony Abbott emphasised avoiding waste and getting value for money from public spending. But when it came to speaking about expenditure reductions in a mental health initiative, it seemed to be a different story.

Votes, preferences and the NSW Legislative Council

There has been a lot of discussion about the Greens’ preference decisions and Pauline Hanson’s chances of being elected to the NSW upper house. I attempt to answer some of the main questions people might ask about preferences and their impact on the result.