David Mallard

‘Beer Open’ sign

New Year. New site. Here’s an introductory post that says a bit about me and a bit about this place. Hello and welcome to my blog.

Typing cat

Read my article at New Matilda responding to concerns that the Internet threatens the integrity of the jury trial system.

San Quentin State Prison, California

Our forthcoming paper in Applied Psycholinguistics analyses transcripts of the media interviews and subsequent trial of a convicted murderer to investigate linguistic cues to deception in a real-life, high-stakes situation.

Police interview room

Our recently-published paper in Applied Psycholinguistics presents the findings of an laboratory experiment that looked for linguistic cues to deception.

Tea Party protester with sign: ‘We don't WANT socialism, you arrogant KENYAN!’

Read my article at ABC The Drum Unleashed about how right-wing authoritarianism might explain why some conservative leaders don’t distance themselves from conspiracy theories about Barack Obama – and how this might relate to the recent aggression from some conservative followers.