Cartoon announcing candidacy for the Greens in Calare NSW

So it appears I haven’t written a post for a while. Here’s an update.

NSW Parliament House

Back in early June, the NSW government acted to quickly implement a law that would restrict the Industrial Relations Commission’s discretion and effectively cap public sector wages. The Opposition and Greens filibustered the bill, leading to unprecedented lengthy speeches followed by a guillotining of debate that hadn’t been seen in more than a century. I wrote about it for Crikey.

‘Polling Station’ sign and entrance

A tutorial on the concept of margins of error in polling. What are they? How are they calculated? Why are they important? This post tries to answer those questions, with both short and detailed explanations.

Tea Party protester with sign: ‘We don't WANT socialism, you arrogant KENYAN!’

Read my article at ABC The Drum Unleashed about how right-wing authoritarianism might explain why some conservative leaders don’t distance themselves from conspiracy theories about Barack Obama – and how this might relate to the recent aggression from some conservative followers.