A screenshot of the Bloglines Plumber error page, a humourous web page that displayed when the now-defunct RSS feed aggregator Bloglines went down.

Updating this site’s RSS feeds

I’m not sure that anyone would still be tracking this site’s RSS feeds, but a heads-up just in case – I’m in the process of making some updates, including removing the redirect of my feeds to the once-useful Feedburner service that Google has slowly allowed to die.

If you are getting this via RSS and want to stay subscribed, you’ll want to update your feed subscription to point to the URL https://davidmallard.id.au/feed/ – at the moment this redirects to FeedBurner, but soon I’ll be updating the server configuration so the feeds will be delivered directly from my website.

No promises that there will be new content coming or how frequently you might get updates, but with the fragmentation of social media communities and the experience of seeing how publishing on third-party sites can come undone (e.g., a decent chunk of the articles I wrote back in the day and linked to from here have disappeared from the Internet), if I do want to publish anything substantial then it’s likely to happen here.






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