Media Articles

A couple of new things in print

A couple of bits of writing have appeared in print recently; one journal article looking at linguistic cues to deception, as well as a bit of commentary about water and the Murray-Darling Basin.

Why I signed an open letter to silence Monckton

Why did a psychology lecturer with a commitment to academic freedom sign an open letter attempting to have a lecture by Lord Monckton cancelled? My article in the latest issue of the King’s Tribune explains why I don’t think freedom of enquiry has to include granting Monckton the freedom to do what he does.

The NSW filibuster

Back in early June, the NSW government acted to quickly implement a law that would restrict the Industrial Relations Commission’s discretion and effectively cap public sector wages. The Opposition and Greens filibustered the bill, leading to unprecedented lengthy speeches followed by a guillotining of debate that hadn’t been seen in more than a century. I wrote about it for Crikey.

Science and tragedy: Australia’s floods and the Tucson shootings

Tragedy strikes. Who or what can we blame? Chances are I don’t know, because that’s not what science is about. But if there’s a pattern of catastrophes or problems, chances are there is a theory that accounts for it. My article in The King’s Tribune discusses the limits of knowledge.

Jury trials, the Internet and human behaviour

Read my article at New Matilda responding to concerns that the Internet threatens the integrity of the jury trial system.

Right-wing authoritarianism and anti-Obama aggression

Read my article at ABC The Drum Unleashed about how right-wing authoritarianism might explain why some conservative leaders don’t distance themselves from conspiracy theories about Barack Obama – and how this might relate to the recent aggression from some conservative followers.